About The Brand

About The Brand


Taya Byron is relatively young female fashion brand established in year 2018. We truly strive towards the comfort and beauty while creating our clothes.

Taking into account the latest modern tendentious as well as using high quality fabrics allows us for creation of rather actual garments for contemporary women. Yet, in our design we do pay great attention to details, which certainly builds up expensive and exclusive image of any item.

The trace of modern Lady rests throughout all of our collections. She is truly inspiring, independent and charismatic individual, who knows what she wants and stands out of the crowd.
Taya Byron clothes are pretty universal in such respect as they are suitable not only for daily life but also special occasions, making sure that the owner is to be paid the maximum positive attention from others.

Designer and founder of the Brand
Taisiia Sergeyeva

Philosophy of Our Brand

We aim to provide women with only the best things: high quality natural fabrics, comfortable patterns, large choice of models to satisfy different tastes. Certainly, modern life of women is fulfilled with high rate of various activities.

Millions of moms are trying to take their kids to schools and kindergartens, yet, still make it to a business meeting, buy some food and sometimes, still find a time to change shoes, so to visit a theatre in the evening, looking fabulous still. A bit of challenge, isn’t it?
That is why, during the development process, we strive to take into account elements of comfort and multipurpose as a priority, whereas during the selection of fabric focus on natural fabrics with absolute minimum amount of synthetics. However, our absolute love is cashmere.

Rather significant experience in garment manufacturing has taught us one core principle to be followed at all times – quality always comes first.
We renew and improve our machinery park every year, create comfortable work environment as well as aspire to follow the latest trends and developments in our manufacturing process.

Constantly combining young energy and mature experience, we have created the brand Taya Byron, which unifies the aspiration towards the comfort and perfection. We are not only making clothes, we rather help women to highlight their individuality, creating their own style and image.

Taya Byron – every single day’s perfectionism…